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Our Services

Trinity provides services to achieve tangible solutions through training sessions, research, advocacy, and the provision of legal services. Trinity's research group provides positive solutions for the role of government and corporations in combating human trafficking and supporting sustainability. Its training program reaches vulnerable communities and transnational corporations. The provision of pro bono advocacy and legal services to those who have been trafficked is Trinity's way of giving back to the community for which it was created to serve. 

Partnering on Sustainability

Trinity has partnered with like-minded organizations, such as Worldview Impact and RainTrust, to unearth comprehensive answers to abolish global slavery, discover how sustainability issues, including fair labor practices, climate change and water rights, can leave vulnerable populations further impoverished by destroying crops, property and livelihoods, causing migration, and leaving people desperate for work and food, thereby falling easy prey by human traffickers. 

Public and private entities need to push for greater environmental protections and ecologically conscious laws in conjunction with increased protections for trafficking victims to ensure fair living wages for all workers, education and age-appropriate tasks for children requiring income to survive, and empowerment in the form of education, understanding rights, provision of quality-based services, enforcement of laws, and holding the private sector accountable for their impact to the community, either on workers and their families or to the environment.

Legal Services

Setting Trinity apart from other organizations is the legal background of its founders. With years of national and international experience, Trinity is able to provide aid to victims seeking short- and long-term immigration status and civil restitution in the form of back-pay wages from their traffickers.

Trinity can provide aid to victims, who have been brought to the U.S. from another country obtain a T visa and assist family members obtain a derivative T visa. These steps are necessary to restore dignity to the lives of victims, while building a strong foundation for the success of their future as well as for the future of the United States.

Training Program

Trinity's training program focuses on the needs of public and private corporations, government contractors, and government agencies. It has also been designed for university, high school and TESOL teachers and students. Trinity will conduct trainings for unaccompanied minors, foreign national adults, and others whose positions and life situations make them susceptible to human trafficking violations. 

Topics include types of human trafficking, factors that contribute to the occurrence of human trafficking, victim rights, ways bystanders can safely aid potential victims, and how to become involved with the cause.

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